Pharma 25 2020

Brand Finance Pharma 25 2020

  • Johnson & Johnson leads as industry’s most valuable brand in Brand Finance Pharma 25 2020 ranking, despite 11% drop in brand value to US$10.9 billion 
  • Sector’s strongest brand Roche distances Swiss rival Novartis
  • Bayer drops 17% as brand image tainted by Monsanto acquisition 
  • Pfizer is sector’s fastest-falling brand this year, down 20%
  • Sinopharm & Takeda impressive new entrants from Asia, as ranking extended to encompass sector’s 25 most valuable brands for first time

Johnson & Johnson is the most valuable pharma brand thanks to its continued investment in research and development, most recently in a vaccine designed to battle the deadly coronavirus. With a timely and relevant R&D programme, Johnson & Johnson can hope to maintain its prime position in the industry for years to come.

Richard Haigh, Managing Director, Brand Finance