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  • Over 5,000 brands valued each year
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Global Forum 2019

The 16th annual Brand Finance Global Forum: Understanding the Value of Geographic Branding

Calculating and publishing valuations of the biggest brands in the world

The most comprehensive directory of brand values and company profiles, updated annually since 2008.

Brand Finance evaluates the strength and value of more than 5000 global brands every year.

Brandirectory holds all of the Brand Finance rankings, specialist reports and whitepapers published since 2007. With over 40 sectors and industries covered in 46 countries, Brandirectory is the most comprehensive collection of original brand valuations, brand strength analyses and royalty rate calculations.

The Global Soft Power Index and Nation Brand rankings bring the same rigorous valuation approach to perceptions of soft power, national influence, and the nation-to-nation awareness and attitudes that drive global travel, trade and tourism.

Brand Finance’s brand value rankings have been certified by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) through the Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP), the formal process for validating the relationship between marketing measurement and financial performance.

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Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent branded business valuation and strategy consultancy, present in over 20 countries.

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