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Brand Finance’s brand value reports provide a complete breakdown of the assumptions, data sources and calculations used to arrive at your brand’s value.

Each report includes expert recommendations for growing brand value to drive business performance and offers a cost-effective way to gaining a better understanding of your position against competitors.

  • Brand valuation summary

    Overview of the brand valuation including executive summary, explanation of changes in brand value and historic and peer group comparisons.

    • Internal understanding of brand
    • Brand value tracking
    • Competitor benchmarking
    • Historical brand value
  • Brand Strength Index

    A breakdown of how the brand performed on various metrics of brand strength, benchmarked against competitor brands in a balanced scorecard framework.

    • Brand strength tracking
    • Brand strength analysis
    • Management KPI’s
    • Competitor benchmarking
  • Royalty Rates

    Analysis of competitor royalty rates, industry royalty rate ranges and margin analysis used to determine brand specific royalty rate.

    • Transfer pricing
    • Licensing/ franchising negotiation
    • International licensing
    • Competitor benchmarking
  • Cost of Capital

    A breakdown of the cost of capital calculation, including risk free rates, brand debt risk premiums and the cost of equity through CAPM.

    • Independent view of cost of capital for internal valuations and project appraisal exercises

A full report includes the sections above

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Each brand value report is based around a primary brand which is also compared with up to five other brands of your choosing for comparison.