Pharma 10 2019

Brand Finance Pharma 10 2019

The annual report on the world's most valuable and strongest pharma brands.

  • Roche maintains top spot in brand ranking, following 8% growth to US$6.9 billion
  • Merck’s brand bounces back from last year’s struggles, growing 29% to US$4.1 billion and jumping into the top 5
  • Bayer is world’s strongest pharmaceutical brand with AAA- rating, improving score despite association with Monsanto 

Roche remains the most valuable pharmaceutical brand as a result of its continued investment in world-leading drug development. While it will always face challenges from generic competitors, the purchase of Foundation Medicine in 2018 is a great opportunity to enable Roche to leverage its brand by deploying its personalised healthcare strategy. Roche is in a strong position to lead the industry in genomic profiling to develop new cancer treatments and improve patient care.

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance