Canada 100 2020

Brand Finance Canada 100 2020

  • TD takes the title as the most valuable Canadian brand for the first time since 2013.   
  • After brand architecture shake up, the now Canada Life mono-brand comes into the ranking is Canada’s fastest growing brand, skyrocketing into the top ten. The first Canadian Insurance firm to achieve such a feat.  
  • The Big 3 Telcos continue to stumble in a crowded market: Bell, TELUS, and Rogers all fall down the rankings as brand value declines for a second year running.  
  • A&W on the rise as Tim Hortons starts to stumble, showing that there is perhaps a new source for Canadian pride in the fast food restaurant market.  
  • Crown Royal takes top spot as Canada’s Strongest brand, with a brand rating of AAA.  
  • SNC-Lavalin falls out of the top 100 but performing well again under new leadership.

Brand Finance’s study of the most valuable Canadian brands was conducted prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. Nothing should be taken away from the extraordinary achievements of these brands over the last year, however it is an unavoidable fact that the market is in a completely different state now than it was in January when the study was completed. The future of Canadian brands is still quite unclear, but it is likely that we will see a big shifts and changes in the hierarchy as the dust settles and we are able to take stock of the damage caused by COVID-19.

Charles Scarlett-Smith, Marketing Director, Brand Finance Canada