Aerospace & Defence 2019

Brand Finance Aerospace & Defence 2019

  • Boeing is world’s most valuable aerospace brand, value up 61% since last year to US$32.0bn but brand reputation in jeopardy, according to new Brand Finance report
  • Rolls Royce in turmoil, feeling effect of Brexit confusion, brand slips four places, value drops 3% to US$3.9 billion
  • American aerospace and defence brands performing well since President Trump’s tax rate drop; US giant General Dynamics takes off as fastest-growing aerospace brand in ranking

Given the importance of the 737 aircraft to the airline business, it is no surprise that the market is reacting with such immediacy. We estimate the brand value lost by Boeing to be approximately $7.5bn and the maximum brand value loss up to US$12.5 bn. Boeing before the crash had an elite AAA+ brand rating, of which there were only 15 brands globally. Following recent events, we estimate that brand rating will drop to AAA as Boeing’s reputation takes an almost immediate dent.

Savio D'Souza, Aviation Director, Brand Finance