Brand Analytics – Definition

Our Brand Analysis services help clients to better understand the drivers of business and brand value. Understanding how value is created, where it is created and the relationship between brand value and business value is a vital input to strategic decision making. By furthering knowledge of this relationship, BRANDFINANCETM is able to help clients' leverage brand value and ultimately maximise shareholder value.

Brand Analytic Services

Brand Scorecards
We help companies improve brand performance management and reporting by integrating market research, investment, market and financial metrics into a single insightful model to track performance over time and against competitors and to uncover the most important drivers of overall brand and business value

Brand Equity Measurement
We analyse market research and conduct stakeholder interviews to understand and quantify brand equity across a range of key audiences and influencers. This analysis can be incorporated into brand scorecards for ongoing tracking, compared against competitors and, crucially, connected to actual business performance by quantifying the influence of brand equity on value drivers.

Competitor Benchmarking
We conduct a benchmarking study of the strength, risk and future potential of a clients brand relative to its competitor set. This helps understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the client brand compared with key competitor brands

Marketing Mix Modelling
We help improve the efficiency of brand campaign planning and targeting by isolating and quantifying the impact of different marketing activities. The model guides the mix and combination of future marketing activities

Marketing ROI
We help clients improve decision-making by providing insights which assist with budget optimisation, resource allocation, brand performance and evaluation of marketing activities

The Brand Finance approach:
Combined with brand valuation results, our analytical service creates the framework for better corporate reporting and brand performance management.

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