Fastest Growing 100 2019

Brand Finance Fastest Growing 100 2019

  • WeChat tops ranking with brand value growth of 1540% (CAGR 75%) in Brand Finance’s inaugural report on world’s 100 fastest growing brands over last 5 years 
  • China and US monopolise ranking with 39 brands from each country  
  • Porsche races ahead as fastest growing from outside China or US, 5-year brand value growth 734% (CAGR 53%) 
  • Amazon records greatest brand value growth in absolute terms over five years at US$142.8 billion 
  • Banking sector dominates ranking with 15 brands featuring  

WeChat has successfully entrenched itself in Chinese society, a feat unmatched by any other brand. However, despite attempts to launch in the Western world, the brand has failed to gain a strong foothold in the market, against stiff competition from incumbents, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Now the Chinese economy is starting to stall, it raises the question whether Chinese brands can match domestic growth internationally.

Alex Haigh, Valuation Director