British GI Brands 2019

Brand Finance British GI Brands 2019

A report by Brand Dialogue on the perception of geographical indication brands in the UK.

  • Cornish Pasty is the #1 British GI product for customer familiarity and protected status awareness, followed by Jersey Royal Potatoes and Scotch Whisky.
  • When looking at the scores separately, Cornish Pasty remains number one for familiarity, while Arbroath Smokies take top place for protected status awareness.
  • Phrases associated with GIs skew positive, with “Authentic” and “Premium Quality” two most popular answers.
  • Many British GI products considered “Best in Class” for their category, with Harris Tweed scoring highest.
  • Nearly three in four British consumers believe that they are much more likely or somewhat more likely to purchase products with a geographical indication.
  • Fish and Chips was named the Best of British Food & Drink by most respondents but a fifth of British consumers cannot name their favourite British dish.

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