US 500 2019 report

Brand Finance US 500 2019

  • Doubling in brand value over the past year, Netflix grows faster than any other brand in the US as the media industry feels effects of tech disruption 
  • America’s and the world’s most valuable brand, Amazon defends top spot in the ranking with record brand value of $187.9 billion, followed by Apple and Google
  • Home Depot enters the top 10 while many retail brands, including 8th Walmart, face stagnation amid changing customer preferences
  • Big banking brands Wells Fargo and Chase are the only ones in the top 25 to lose brand value as challenger banks change rules of the game
  • Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index places Deloitte as the strongest brand in the US, scoring 91.2 out of 100

Netflix delivers high-quality and varied programming to anyone with internet access and a credit card. The platform has embarked on a disruptive approach to media services and now has incumbents in the market looking over their shoulder.

Alex Haigh Valuation Director, Brand Finance

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