Toys 25 2019

Brand Finance Toys 25 2019

  • Lego remains most valuable and strongest in sector, brand value US$6.8 billion and AAA brand strength rating
  • Bandai Namco brands continue to grow faster than competitors, brand value up 57% to US$1.6 billion
  • Mattel suffering from Disney licence sale, all brands see drop in brand value
  • Hasbro’s Nerf and My Little Pony score impressive AAA brand strength rating

“We are seeing a clear trend across the industry, where brands that innovate and seek strategic partnerships to broaden their offering, especially in the digital space, are set to perform better than those that are slow to evolve to meet their customers’ changing needs. To stay at the top of their game, Lego will now need to accelerate its efforts in that direction.”

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance