Mining, Iron & Steel 25 2019

Brand Finance Mining, Iron & Steel 25 2019

  • BHP continues to hold the titles of world’s most valuable and world’s strongest mining brand, with a brand value of US$6.0 billion and an AA brand strength rating
  • ArcelorMittal jumps three spots to become the world’s second most valuable mining brand, growing 52% to US$4.3 billion
  • India’s Tata Steel is the fastest-growing mining brand, improving 60% to US$1.2 billion
  • Kobelco declined 23% to US$736 million after breach of industrial standards

In a sector where brand and reputation have been largely ignored, now more than ever, mining companies are realising that branding matters. BHP is the perfect example of this, using a re-branding exercise to demonstrate its role in Australia’s economy and community, substantially improving its brand value over the last two years.

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance