Beers 25 2018

Brand Finance Beers 25 2018

The annual report on the most valuable beer brands.

Bud Light remains the world’s most valuable beer brand, with its brand value increasing by 12% to US$7.4 billion since last year. Despite a reduction in sales in 2017, the value of Bud Light’s brand increased in connection with its well-received “Dilly Dilly” marketing campaign, and the launch of its product into the United Kingdom.


The world’s biggest beer brands have been able to build deep customer loyalty by representing an accessible but aspirational lifestyle. Creative marketing campaigns are equally important as the taste and packaging. They help the established market leaders compete with challenger brands on their home turf by promising their consumers an experience rather than just a product. The top brands will continue to face challenges from craft beers but smart marketing combined with the scale of production and distribution capabilities of the big conglomerates is a strong defence strategy.

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance