What is an ISO 10668 compliant brand valuation?
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What is an ISO 10668 compliant brand valuation?

Intangible assets are recognised as highly valued properties. Arguably the most valuable but least understood intangible assets are brands. The International Standard ISO 10668 provides a consistent, reliable approach to brand valuation including financial, behavioural and legal aspects.

ISO 10668 specifies 3 types of analysis must be done during a brand valuation:

  • legal analysis of the trademarks and IP
  • behavioural analysis of stakeholders perceptions and response to the brand
  • financial analysis of the current and future earning potential of the brand

The standard also sets forth 3 objectives of the valuer

  • Transparency: others must be able to understand how the valuation has been conducted.
  • Consistency: if other valuers use the same method with the same source information, they should be able to replicate the results.
  • Independency: those who create the brand or have vested interests in the outcome of a valuation should not conduct it.

There are 3 approaches approved in the ISO 10668 standard: cost approach, market approach and income approach.

The income approach as 6 approved methologies.

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