Global Soft Power Index
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Brand Finance – Global Soft Power Index 2020 – The world's most comprehensive research study on perceptions of soft power

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  • Soft power superpower – USA tops the ranking despite reputation damage
  • Runner-up Germany is admired for governance and Angela Merkel’s international leadership
  • Brand Britain remains undented by Brexit, ranking as the world’s third soft power nation
  • Japan ranked first for Business and Trade, thanks to brands the world loves
  • China and Russia rank high on influence
  • Nordic countries are among the most reputable, Greta Thunberg helps earn Sweden the top spot for climate action
  • The world’s most generous nation, Canada ranks in the top 3 for more soft power disciplines than any other nation
  • Spain is the world’s friendliest nation, but lags behind on Governance
  • UAE is Middle East’s top scorer, with high familiarity following nation brand launch

The Global Soft Power Index is the result of a ground-breaking fieldwork research, the most inclusive of its kind, with over 55,000 respondents in 100 countries. It allows us to see in aggregate how the world views the top soft power nations, but it also enables – thanks to the scale of the sample – a more granular snapshot of nation-to-nation attitudes. These findings are vital for governments seeking to better manage their nation brands and improve their soft power influence in specific countries and on specific metrics.

David Haigh Chairman and CEO, Brand Finance
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