Monarchy 2017

Brand Finance Monarchy 2017

The annual report on the value of the British Monarchy. Celebrating HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's Platinum Wedding Anniversary.

  • Brand Finance once again estimated the value of the British Monarchy as if it were a branded business.
  • The total value of the British Monarchy ‘brand’ has surpassed £67 billion.

The British Royal Family generate substantial uplift to the UK economy, with financial benefits to the taxpayer at a surprisingly low cost.

  • The pomp and circumstance of the living royal residences draws millions of tourists every year. We estimate that the overall uplift to the sector is a staggering £550 million, making the contribution to tourism the largest of the benefits generated by the Monarchy. 
  • Royal Warrants and Coats of Arms provide an uplift to over 800 brands, overwhelmingly in the UK.
  • Another key benefit to the UK economy is delivered by the Monarchy through trade and international relations, with an estimated annual contribution at £150 million.
  • Royal patronage raises the profile, influence, and ultimately revenue streams of events, businesses, institutions, societies, and charities.
  • The mystique surrounding the Monarchy contributs to the media industry and arts, estimated at £50 million this year, adding to the popularity of shows like The Crown and Victoria that offer a glimpse, albeit fictional, of the private lives of the Royal Family.
  • These economic benefits come at a very low expense to the British nation, equal to only £4.50 per person per year or just over 1p a day.

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To coincide with the granting of the Brand Finance Coat of Arms by the College of Arms.

A quarter of a century on from one of its most turbulent years, the British Monarchy is enjoying immense popularity. As the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary, the attraction of the youngest generation of the Royal Family ensures the institution’s survival in the future. Thanks to this combination of high esteem and universal appeal, the Monarchy’s influence extends far beyond pomp and circumstance, and generates a substantial uplift to the UK economy.

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance