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Ranking the most reputable Academic Medical Centres

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US based Academic Medical Centres leverage global reputation to score highly in hospital brand strength ranking  

  • Mayo Clinic Health System is world’s leading academic medical centre, with USA centres filling top three positions
  • First of its kind study ranks the brand strength of the world’s leading Academic Medical Centre Hospitals 
  • Medical centres of prominent universities benefit from increased awareness and familiarity

Mayo Clinic Health System is the world’s leading academic medical centre (AMC) hospital, according to ground-breaking new research conducted among global healthcare professionals by Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. The first-of-its-kind study has revealed the brand strength of the world’s leading AMC Hospitals, with several American institutions topping the ranking. The original research study surveyed 2,500 leading healthcare professionals to build a peer-driven analysis of the performance of the world's leading AMC Hospitals, compiling their dispersed knowledge into one easy-to- digest and actionable report for AMC management.

An all-American top three is led by Mayo Clinic Health System

The Mayo Clinic Health System earned a brand strength index score (BSI) of 85.1 out of 100 and a corresponding AAA brand rating. Brand Finance’s research found that the system earned high scores across the board in patient treatment, research, and teaching categories, as well as coming out on top in familiarity and awareness, locally and globally.

Massachusetts General Hospital and Stanford University Medical Center followed closely behind to make an all-American top three. Each of the American AMCs at the top of the ranking scored extremely highly in local, regional, and international familiarity and awareness around the world. The size and commercial nature of the American healthcare system may have built a greater understanding and utilisation of brand equity amongst AMCs, compared to counterparts elsewhere.

Hugo Hensley, Associate Director of Brand Finance, commented:

“Like all brands, it is important that AMCs carefully manage their reputations amongst patients, healthcare workers and researchers alike, in order to build a strong brand on a global stage and drive success for all stakeholders. This will help AMCs to recruit staff, raise funds and consequently serve their communities.”

Germany’s Charité was the highest ranked AMC outside of the US at 4th. Comprising of over 100 different clinics and departments, Charité has an extremely broad offering to patients, scoring second highest in the patient treatment metric in Brand Finance’s research. Its profile has also risen following the treatment of several high-profile politicians, including Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, following his poisoning in 2020.

Medical centres of prominent universities benefit from increased awareness and familiarity

Stanford University Medical Center, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Yale New Haven Health System were amongst several AMCs linked with well-known universities from the US and UK that were ranked in the top 30. While they each scored well in the patient treatment and research and teaching metrics, they scored particularly highly in global awareness and familiarity. It is likely that these AMCs benefit from the global reputations of the universities they are attached to and shows the importance of strong research and education pillars in the development of a top AMC.

Specialist AMCs also performed well in the ranking, with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in 6th place, followed closely by SickKids in 7th position and Great Ormond Street Hospital in 11th place. All scored highly for innovation within their fields as well as delivering world-class patient care.

At a regional level, the top ranked South Asian AMC was the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 5th, while Singapore General Hospital (SGH), at 8th, was the top ranked Asia Pacific AMC. SGH is perceived as a leader in technology and innovation, with healthcare professionals recognising it in metrics including ‘excellent facilities / investment in technology and treatments’ and ‘strong culture of medical progress and innovation’. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center is the highest ranked AMC in the Middle East & North Africa region at 20th, and Argentinian Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires was the top ranked South American AMC in 21st position.

Hensley concluded:

“Throughout our research, we found many regional leaders are very well perceived among those that interact with them, but don’t yet project their brand onto the global stage. This highlights a clear opportunity for many AMCs to carve out a unique brand positioning, and further increase their brand reputations beyond their regional vicinity.”