Tech 100 2020

Brand Finance Tech 100 2020

  • Mixed fortunes across tech sector from COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce brands likely to thrive 
  • Electronics tech brands account for 27% of total brand value in Brand Finance Tech 100 2020 ranking
  • Google overtakes Apple in ranking and dominates software sub sector
  • Amazon is by far world’s most valuable tech brand and makes history as its brand value exceeds US$200 billion mark
  • Media & games sub sector likely to suffer limited impact from COVID-19
  • China’s WeChat is world’s strongest tech brand, Brand Strength Index (BSI) score 92.9 out of 100

The sheer size and diversification of the tech sector undoubtedly means that brands are going to be affected differently from COVID-19. On the one hand, e-commerce brands are likely to see a boost to their brand values following record high demand. In contrast, other tech brands’ journeys in the coming year could be more turbulent, with supply chains impacted, consumer spending shifting and slowing demand impacting brands’ bottom lines and, in turn, their brand values.

Alex Haigh, Director, Brand Finance