Tech 100 2018

Brand Finance Tech 100 2018

The annual report on the most valuable technology brands.

Amazon has become the world’s most valuable tech brand, with its value surging by 42% to US$150.8 billion, according to the latest Brand Finance Tech 100 report. Apple (up 37% to US$146.3 billion) has retained second place, and Google (up 10% to US$120.9 billion) has fallen to third place as both Amazon and Apple’s brand value have accelerated ahead.

The value of the biggest tech industry brands does not come just from successful marketing campaigns, but rather, they are each based upon an authentic and obsessive focus on their customers. Amazon has built a brand that has no peer, because they provide unmatched convenience, availability, and scale. Their brand is unconcerned with competitors. Instead, it is concerned with removing every possible impediment to customers using their services.

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance