Nation Brands 2019

Brand Finance Nation Brands 2019

  • Average nation brand value growth among developing economies at 13.9% compared to only 0.4% for developed economies in Brand Finance Nation Brands 2019 ranking
  • China closing gap behind leader US, following 40% brand value growth
  • Japan overtakes UK in 4th spot, as Brexit uncertainty prevents growth
  • India makes gains jumping to 7th spot, while no new nations break into top 10
  • Turkey making nation brand value turnaround following difficult 2018
  • Singapore remains world’s strongest nation brand, Brand Strength Index (BSI) score 90.5 out of 100

“With the Western world seeing a real crisis of leadership on both sides of the Atlantic, the developing world is catching up. Bolder, more agile, increasingly innovative African, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Latin American nation brands are racing ahead at breakneck speed, poised for further growth in the years to come.”

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance