Middle East 50 2020

Brand Finance Middle East 50 2020

  • Saudi Aramco at top of table with brand value US$46.8 billion, new entrant since 2019 IPO
  • ADNOC growing 29% since last year, brand value US$11.4 billion
  • Etisalat’s AAA Brand Rating and its digital technologies provide strong resilience to help weather COVID-19 storm
  • Middle East’s leading 50 brands feature 20 from KSA, 17 from UAE
  • 21 Middle Eastern banking brands dominate the ranking
  • In new COVID-19 analysis, Brand Finance has measured levels of business impact from Coronavirus categorised by: limited impact, moderate and worst hit

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on global markets is very real. Worldwide, brands across every sector are braced for the Coronavirus to massively affect their business activities, supply chain and revenues in a way that eclipses the 2003 SARS outbreak. Now is the ideal moment for Middle Eastern brands to remain ever present in their stakeholders’ minds, engage across digital channels, show resilience and adaptability in these unprecedented times.

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance