Denmark 50 2020

Brand Finance Denmark 50 2020

  • Top 50 most valuable Danish brands from Brand Finance Denmark 50 2020 ranking stand to lose up to 12% of brand value – nearly DKK 35 billion – following devasting COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Lego retains title of nation’s most valuable and strongest brand, with brand value of DKK 44.2 billion and elite AAA+ brand strength rating 
  • Food is most valuable sector with 13 brands worth DKK 51.0 billion  
  • Insurer Topdanmark is nation’s fastest growing brand, up 66% since 2019 to DKK 5.1 billion 
  • Beer brands bubble up, but Carlsberg slips out of top 10  
  • Ranking’s only two telecoms brands, TDC and YouSee are also fastest falling year on year

While the toys industry is predicted to suffer a heavy impact to its brand value, Lego’s strong marketing strategy and customer loyalty may allow COVID-19 to be an opportunity for the brand to reach new customers who are looking for ways to stay busy at home. However, marketing and brand awareness campaigns will only take the brand so far, as it is most likely to be faced by manufacturing and distribution issues heavily impacting both the toys and retail sectors.

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance