Airlines 50 2019

Brand Finance Airlines 50 2019

  • Delta steals pole position from American Airlines, brand value up 16% to US$10.1 billion
  • Emirates fall to fifth place, giving top four slots to US airlines
  • Brand values of all three top ten Chinese airlines strengthen, assisted by late drop in fuel cost
  • Budget airlines, Wizz Air, Easyjet, Jetblue Airways, prosper whilst Norwegian Airline falters- brand value drops 7% to US$0.9billion
  • Russian carrier Aeroflot upgraded to exclusive AAA+ brand strength rating

“Growth in the airline market is dependent on a brand fully grasping and meeting the demands of its customer, something which, with the rise of social media, is constantly evolving. Whilst pricing, routes and service remain central to repeat business, airlines which capitalise on USPs, the huge growth potential in emerging markets and are simultaneously sympathetic to sustainability by investing in more fuel-efficient planes, are the ones most likely to prosper.”

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance