Selling Brands – Definition

Brand Finance helps clients leverage value from their brands through acquisitions & selling brands (and/or brand disposals), brand licensing, structured finance and tax planning. We ensure that intangible assets are worked as hard as their tangible counterparts.


Brand Sales - Selling a Brand
Identification of potential purchasers and execution of sales process

Brand Due Diligence for acquisitions, disposals and bid defence
An independent opinion and quantification of Brand Strength and business value for appropriate audiences

Pre-Disposal Brand Evaluation
Determination of the value implications of alternative brand strategies

Structuring brand ownership and management
There is not a ‘one size fits all solution'. Flexibility is required to determine available options. For each option the brand performance, tax and cost implications must be evaluated

Best practice in licensing agreements
In the case of both internal and external brand licenses, it is important to clearly identify the rights and obligations of both parties. This results in fewer disputes and higher earnings

Leveraging the brand through licensing
Thorough evaluation of market research is carried out and the findings are integrated into valuation models in order to determine the likely revenue and risk implications

Royalty rate determination
Advice for both tax authorities and brand owners on the setting of appropriate royalty rates. The integration of royalty comparatives, financial analysis and the interpretation of customer research ensures robust, defensible royalty rates

The Brand Finance approach:

  • In all of our transactional work we express a clearly supported opinion on the strength, value and potential of the brand.
  • Our due diligence incorporates market, customer and financial analysis which allows us to identify key commercial issues. An opinion is expressed on all such issues.
  • Our analysis is highly segmented as we recognise that the earnings capacity of a brand varies by region, channel, category and customer type.

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