NTT Group

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Country Flag of Japan Japan
Sector Telecommunications
Offices -
Employees 227,168

Brand value $25,602m
Brand rating AA
Enterprise value $91,318m
Value / market cap 28.0%
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NTT Group appears in the following brand league tables:

Rank 16 in the Global 500 2013.
Rank 14 in the Global 500 2012.
Rank 13 in the Global 500 2011.

2013 brand performance*

Brand value $25,602m
Brand rating AA
Enterprise value $91,318m
Value / ent. value 28.0%

* Figures taken on 31st December 2012.

2012 brand performance*

Brand value $26,324m
Brand rating AAA-
Enterprise value $120,610m
Value / ent. value 21.8%

* Figures taken on 31st December 2011.

2011 brand performance*

Brand value $26,927m
Brand rating AA+
Enterprise value $275,617m
Value / ent. value 9.8%

* Figures taken on 31st December 2010.

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* Average values from a total of 1 votes.

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Letter from NTT's Chairman, Satoshi Miura:

"In the information and communication technology (ICT) field, radical changes are continuing. Broadband and ubiquitous trends are ongoing and the convergence of services such as fixed-line and mobile services, telecommunications and broadcasting is accelerating and creating new business models. Such changes also include intensifying competition across national borders.

In the future, while the constant progress of the utilization of ICT is seen in various aspects of our lives and businesses, expectations for ICT will expand significantly. A role for ICT is seen in contributing to economic growth through innovation and improving customer convenience and in solving various issues such as reinforcing medical and educational systems, the aging of society and environmental problems.

In such circumstances, based on the Medium-Term Management Strategy “Road to Service Creation Business Group,” which was formulated in May 2008, the NTT Group is promoting the dissemination and expansion of cutting-edge broadband networks and creating diverse ubiquitous broadband services using the network infrastructure.

With regard to the dissemination and expansion of broadband networks, the number of subscribers to the fiber-optic access service FLET’S Hikari has exceeded 12 million. In fiscal 2010, the next-generation network (NGN), which has achieved high reliability and safety, is expected to become available for customers in approximately 90% of Japan’s entire geographic area. Among mobile communications services, the number of subscribers to FOMA—the third-generation Wideband Code Division Multiple Access service (W-CDMA)—has exceeded 50 million. As to the next-generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard, our preparations are under way for a launch during 2010.

As to ubiquitous broadband services, with the catchphrase “Open & Collaboration,” we intend to create full-scale new services beyond business categories and types of operation through collaboration with various partner companies such as application providers. Harnessing our technologies nurtured to date, the NTT Group intends to engage in services for individuals and families as well as business solutions from a customer-first perspective, thereby promoting the creation of new value and new markets.

Based on the actual results of service creation and related expertise, the NTT Group intends to develop comprehensive ICT solutions and services globally, collaborate with foreign communications business operators and partner companies to disseminate R&D results and develop businesses, reduce environmental burden through the dissemination of ICT and realize a low-carbon society, which is a worldwide problem.

Through these initiatives, the NTT Group will further migrate reforms of its business structure mainly in the IP and Solution & New businesses, strive to reinforce its competitive edge and enhance corporate value, contribute to Japan’s economic growth and solve social and global issues."